Music is more accessible than it has ever been. Through mobile playback devices and wireless media-streaming services we can listen to almost any song we want at anytime and anywhere. This new found level of access has reduced the perceived value of music from an enjoyable artistic piece to a mere consumable. What if certain music could only be heard in certain places?

Berta emphasizes the exclusivity of select music by limiting the playback to a certain area or place defined by the musician. Berta is a compass for music – showing the distance and direction to the closest song location. As the listener approaches the destination, Berta begins to play the musicians’ story about the song and why they chose the location to place their song. Once the story has ended, Berta will play the song on her internal speakers. This process of navigation, story telling, and listening, actively engages the listener in a more meaningful and memorable manner. Berta emphasizes the uniqueness and the experience of a musical piece. Berta is not an app but rather a physical object with heart and soul.

Berta is a project by Jonas Breme & Stephanie Neumann.

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