Transformator at TAB 2019

Event, Exhibition Sunday September 8th, 2019

Nils Koenning and Stephanie Neumann
Location: Põhjala Factory, Ankru 8
Exhibition: 14 September, 15:00–23:00
Opening: 15:00
Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019

We believe that beauty is a combination and interplay of all human senses and is essential for the human body to perceive space and form memories. Having undergone different forms of utilisation and occupation, the Haus der Statistik (house of statistics) in central Berlin is a contemporary witness of a collective memory of transformation. The exhibition aims to overlay fragments of multisensory memories from the House of Statistics into the existing fabric of a space in Tallinn that is undergoing a similar process of transformation – enabling visitors to perceive the beauty of the place and its memory.