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Trapezium für Robhoff Product Design.

Modular Lights für Robhoff Product Design.

Modular Lights are adjustable luminaries made of aluminium and steel. The basic technical structure with illuminants and joints bears the outside surface. The three light fixtures are deformed through turning and tilting of the surfaces. Lines of light become light surfaces. Light intensity and room lighting vary. The cuboids prised open blur the borders between product and sculpture.

Veröffentlicht bei: Design Milk, Frame Magazine, MEDESIGNMAG, Coolspotting, mauriluceprogetti, Yatzer, REFERANS, Raumideen, VM SPACE, vau portal, casa.guidone, Design for today, thesource, Modernistic Design, design stores, b-perman, 線上藝術人文創意誌,, InsideLife, Project05, Designer World, ianbrooks, Design 2.0 Reader, Welt Lighting, mlkshk, I am Douglas Tarlow, Εργαστήριο Βιομηχανικού Σχεδιασμού, Trendhunter,That Web Show, RGB Daily, StyleFactory, minushabens, wheresnick, moid, forfur, thefrench-touchattitude, Paperblog, linea di sezione,…

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